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Dandruff is a stubborn problem that ails over 50 % of the youth between 12-30. Veda’s ‘Gouri Kalyani Herbal Oil’ fights Dandruff and eliminates it. About two percent of the world population is known to suffer from psoriasis.  Vedah Ayurvedic clinic has helped patients suffering from psoriasis, without steroid and side effectsNo need of drinking Kashaya or swallowing tablets. Seborrheic Dermatitis or seborrhea, is mild dermatitis. It’s a skin disease affecting the scalp, face, and the trunk of the human body. Our oil controls this disease very much.
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What makes Vedah Ayurvedic Special ?

  • We, at Vedah Ayurvedic Clinic offer a complete solution for various skin ailments
  • Our products contain potent herbal extracts that help to eliminate Dandruff and control Psoriasis , Seborrheic Dermatitis and hair fall
  • Our products are free from steroids and other chemical compounds. Our range of products is 100% herbal.
  • Our oil is non-sticky
  • We treat skin disorders through oils, which are applied locally, on the affected area. We don’t prescribe internal medication.

Let Vedah Ayurvedic improve your quality of life

‘Gouri Kalyani Herbal Oil’ is almost a magic potion. If used regularly, it acts as a skin tonic, and protecting from harmful pollutants and curing certain skin diseases. It keeps the skin soft and supple and prevents the recurrence of skin diseases. Gouri Kalyani Herbal oil has been granted  licence by Drugs Control Department of the Government of Kerala, India.
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What are the processes involved in the Dandruff and Hair fall treatment ?

  • Application of the Gouri Kalyani herbal oil once or twice a day , 30-40 minutes before bathing.
  • Food Control (Aahar Padhya ) : No food control, but eat at least one or two plantain fruit daily
  • Almond is better
  • Palak or spinach at least once a week
  • We treat skin disorders through oils, which are applied locally on the affected area. We don’t prescribe internal medication.

What are the processes involved in the Psoriasis and Seborrheic Dermatitis treatment ?

  • Application of the Vedah oil twice a day, 30-40 minutes before bathing
  • Comb gently before bathing
  • The most common foods to avoid: Red meat, egg, potato, Brinjal/Egg plant/Auberginel, Alcohol,frozen and dried fish etc
  • Prohibition of smoking
  • Daily physical exercise is recommented
  • Controlling Obesity
  • Advice on keeping the mind and body calm.
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Helping Customers

  • Advance booking facility available
  • Friendly and sincere Approach
  • Courier Service of products
  • Making patients aware of their condition

Healthcare Problems

  • Dandruff
  • Hair fall
  • Scalp psoriasis
  • Seborrheic Dermatitis
  • Darkening and thickening of the elbows
  • Some fungus infections