‘Vedah Ayurvedic’ fuses the deep-rooted tradition of Ayurveda with a modern approach in elimination or effective control of  Dandruff, Psoriasis , seborrheic dermatitis and hair fall. Since its starting way back in 2015 , our products are nurtured with the goodness of Authentic Ayurveda.

It is interesting how a real life experience can sometimes change the course of your life. And that is precisely what happened with my friend and me. The date 12th July ,2015 is firmly etched in my mind, for it was on this day that  my friend and I consulted an Ayurvedic  practitioner (Vydyar) for our chronic dandruff and hair fall problem. We were prescribed a “Thailam” (an herbal concoction) to be applied on the scalp, twice a day, half an hour before bathing.The results were astounding; we began to see a change within a week of regular use of the Ayurveda potion. So impressed were we with the results that we suggested the product to family and friends who suffered from the same problem. Their feedback was encouraging.

vedah ayurvedic - history

One of my colleagues was suffering from severe psoriasis. We consulted the Ayurvedic Practitioner (Vydyar). He massaged his head with a thailam and gave him a bottle of  “ thailam”  (an herbal concoction). Within 15 days of regular local application (application to the body surface)  we saw a remarkable change of his psoriasis. We suggested many patients suffering from psoriasis and dandruff  to the vydyar. The results were amazing.

We realized we had an awesome product in our hands and decided to get into business with the Ayurvedic practitioner and market his herbal remedies. We started of small, by creating a Facebook page. And, were pleasantly surprised , at the thumping response we received. There were people out there looking for cure for their various skin conditions.

This prompted us to set up our first Vedah Ayurvedic Clinic, at Kollam in Kerala,India under the guidance of two renowned Ayurveda Doctors .We offer treatment for Dandruff, Psoriasis , Seborrheic Dermatitis and Hair fall. We can proudly claim to have successfully treated over 3000 patients. Our satisfied clients have been spreading the world and getting us more clientele. We have plans to spread our wings and become more accessible to people. We registered  a private limited company namely “VEDAH AYURVEDIC AND HERBAL HEALTH CARE PVT LTD ®